Classical Guitar Magazine – Review of Petar’s CD – March 2008 Issue

“Romantico” – 1998
After listening and reviewing many CDs of late which have featured non standard guitar music ie. seldom heard pieces or ultra – modern works by contemporary composers, it came as a much needed breath of fresh air to sit, listen and savour the lovely performance Petar Jankovic gives on this self release CD Rent -a- programme it may be, but when old favorites are played as well as this, then it matters not.
Jankovic has thought through the phrases carefully and his high technical ability enables him to do exactly what he wants to do with the music, which for the majority of the time is execeedingly musical. If  you already have most of this material in your recording collection this CD is still worth checking out and at six minutes over an hour length this is a generous offer.

Steve Marsh
Classical Guitar Magazine

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