Borislav Hlozan, Music critic, Dnevnik, Novi Sad, Serbia

Our prominent guitarist Petar Jankovic, a native of Belgrade who has been successfully building a performing career in the US for more than a decade, played a concert as part of the Novi Sad Summer Concert Series. It is not surprising that this recital drew a large audience, who had a great opportunity to enjoy an outstanding musical performance.

…Jankovic’s recital was a stunning guitar performance charged with extraordinary artistic energy. The concert revealed unique performing qualities of this outstanding soloist-his interpretations were characterized by musically powerful performing abilities, refined and spontaneous expressiveness, as well as a full-bodied, rich, and brilliant sound, which kept the audience spellbound despite somewhat dubious acoustic quality of the concert hall.

…Jankovic’s measured, subtly nuanced interpretation of the famous Villa-Lobos’ preludes sounded intimate and exciting, with its complex intermingling of translucent, highly poetic passages and virtuosic, playful sections, full of rhythm typical of Brazilian folk dances. What followed was F. M. Torroba’s melodious Mediterranean sonatina, which Jankovic performed in a vehement artistic manner, so  that it sounded refreshing and sharply articulated. This block was concluded with Albeniz’s captivating, mellifluous Mallorca.

…Jankovic’s introduction gave Dyens’ composition a new dramatic dimension and a suggestive immediacy, which he then translated into a brilliant, virtuosically precise interpretation.

…At the end of the recital (which was, by the way, played without a pause, in the best tradition of the enormous programs of the greatest guitar players of the twentieth century), having concluded it with his energetic performance of Astor Piazzolla’s tangos, after standing ovations and repeated calls for an encore, Jankovic’s delighted audience had the final pleasure of listening to Albeniz’s famous Asturias and Jorge Cardoso’s Milonga.

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