“…Finally–to crown a remarkable concert of intimate but powerful music–the audience found itself treated to what some musicologists recognize as the most frequently performed concerto of all:  Rodrigo’s “Concierto de Aranjuez,” for Guitar and Orchestra, with soloist Petar Jankovic.
The soloist’s realization proved rather “secco,” or “sec,” or “dry,” like a superior champagne, in a slight departure from the fierily impassioned, magma-like renditions one often hears.  That a great number of various approaches to realizing this faultless music compliments both the composer and his interpreters.  A weak work–at the hands of either a composer or a performer–will permit but one, only, approach to itself.  But any bona fide master of his/her instrument, such as Jankovic, will bring out the heart and truth of a great composition, as was so in this case.
Nothing fascinated the ear, or gratified it, also, more than to hear cadenza passages played “secco” instead of “inflammatus.”  It worked splendidly, and lent just the right intimacy and good taste borne up in the “intimate” Beethoven, and the exquisite, bijou overtures.
A remarkable concert, indeed, and a merciful break in a harsh, long winter, the night seemed washed in a rush of vernal greens and golds”.

Harvey Hess, Critic
Wartburg Symphony

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