About Petar Jankovic Ensemble

After many years of touring almost exclusively as a solo classical guitarist, Petar Jankovic entered the world of chamber music in 2008 with an innovative idea. A leading guitarist of his generation, Jankovic has revolutionized what is already considered to be a striking guitar repertoire.

After years of research and arrangement development, Jankovic and his team came up with the original and exciting classical crossover combination:  a traditional string quartet led by guitar! The guitar’s Spanish and Latin American performing practices, blended with the string quartet’s classical European music tradition infuse an inventive vigor and inspirational outlook.

Jankovic has broken new ground and pushed the limits… The PJE, which is a string quartet led by classical guitar is a brilliant new group on today’s chamber music scene, and they will no doubt be bringing the music  to many new fans around the world.

-Brad Conroy, music critic at GuitarInternational.com

PJE covers a wide range of repertoire with idiomatic and expressive renditions: from  traditional Spanish works by Albeniz and De Falla, to classical music jewels of Boccerini, Debussy and Schostakovich . Passionate Piazzolla tangos and rich Brazzilian music forms of Gnattalli, Bellinati, are performed alongside new classical works by contemporary composers such as Phillip Glass, Roland Dyens,  Elliott Bark and Jonathan Godfrey.

When you hear these familiar pieces with the addition of strings, it really brings the music to life. It is so refreshing to hear a new take on a few of these pieces, and it sounds so natural as if they were always meant to be played by a string quartet.


The musicians in this US based international ensemble are highly-skilled professional artists whose brilliance and musical versatility are manifested through expressing the unique character of this new musical format. The group is comprised of: Eleanor Bartsch on Violin, Azusa Tashiro on Violin, Amanda Grimm on Viola, Kyra Saltman on Cello and Petar Jankovic on guitar. PJE’s concerts are well-received across a wide audience spectrum – from traditional chamber music lovers to classical  guitar fans!

This brilliant new group stretches the boundaries of today’s chamber scene!

-presenter announcing PJE at Berea College (KY)  concert series

Jankovic’s expressive interpretations and technical mastery – found only among the world’s top musicians – leaves no mystery to the many rave reviews received over the years. With PJE, Jankovic promises to deliver another success!